by Don Babylon

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Mike Rea Unreconstructed, unconstrained, unremittingly mojo-heavy rock. Favorite track: Trash & Other Places You Go When You Die.
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released February 17, 2017

Aubrey Neeley - vocals, guitar, piano
Leland Bickford - bass, vocals
David Gaither - drums
Dre - vocals on "Thus Sprach Andre"
Jack Olson - mandolin on "Jerk"
Petey Mcclung - piano on "Jerk"
Christian Noonan - saxophone on "Jerk"

engineered & mixed by John Morand at Sound of Music Studios
produced by Don Babylon and John Morand
mastered by Bryan Walthal at Stereo Image
art by Troy Scully

Trrrash Records
Medical Records



all rights reserved


Don Babylon Richmond, Virginia

Aubrey Neeley: Vocals/Guitar
Leland Bickford: Bass/Vocals
David Gaither: Drums


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Track Name: Happiest Man I Know
I'm dirty and I'm tired and I'm hungry and I'm broke
& David doesn't like the lyrics that I wrote
I've got a few dreams but for them I've no hope
I am the happiest man I know

My phone has been dead for twenty something odd days
& each single one I spent in more of a haze
my eyes have adopted a permanent glaze
I am back to my old ways

I'm so glad you're all here I'm so glad you came
Best chance I'll ever get to clear up my name
If things had been different, they'd not be the same
Well I sound so goddamned lame

Clock's ticking down I just hope I don't choke
Easy thing to do all these sad songs and smokes
& Leland doesn't like the lyrics that I wrote
I am
Tired of my own jokes
Track Name: Ow, My Tiny Heart
You know a lot about politics
& I know a lot about nothing
But you had a teacher
& I guess that I'm just good at blushing

Was any of it ever true?
Or was I just an easy person to apologize to?
You talked until your face turned blue
I think I was just your substitute

& I am frightened
About who will come next
What will they think about me
I have an opinion on every ex

Well I can't wait to move out
Onto the streets or Noonan's couch
That's my only way out
It was always
It was always your house

Remember the day we went to the river?
You convinced me to bring my guitar
I liked you enough to look like a douchebag
Now I like you enough but not where you are

'Cause you are above me
And you always will be
You stay there just for fun
'Cause you, you, you...

Remember the day we went to the graveyard?
I got drunk & fell off of my bike
I think that was the first day that I loved you
& About the only one I liked

It's hot and I hate everything
I'm always hurt or in my head
But the weather is not changing
& We, we are all dead

but that's just immature, it's just plain juvenile
at least I got a direction, not just on the run
but you were waitin' to say it for awhile
'cause you, you, you...

I've been a whiny little bitch
Since the day you left
& I've had cigarette smoke
coming in and out of every breath

I cannot believe
That I'm still singing this song
From the way I've been complaining you would think
that something's actually wrong
(and that'll come later)

Let's call it a night
Maybe call it a year
At least call it an end to what
Nobody wanted to hear

'Cause there is nothing profound
In anything I've spoken

& there is nothing unique in
getting your heart broken

I'm sorry

If you ever hear this
Track Name: Trash & Other Places You Go When You Die
I used to want to be a boy scout
Three fingers up
I'd want to say no, though I'd love to,
I've obligations and such

Now I take anything 'gets passed around,
Shovel it all in my mouth 'till I feel the ground
My friends complain I'm nowhere to be found

See now I want to be a gangster
With both middle fingers up
I want to rob banks
and say things
like I don't give a Fuck

Which Scorsese movie ended up doing me wrong?
To make me want to live like it's the end of the song
I don't believe I was ever that strong

Well I want it
I want it
(something about Mick Jagger)

I'm sorry I did that
It's not something you take back

I'm sorry my friend
& I'm sorry that I'll do it again
Track Name: There Will Be Blood 2
All these goddamned creeps!
Still losing sleep
Over him over her
for you and for me

If I had my way
I'd make 'em see
There's a way to be away
There's a way to not be
To not be!

I'm gonna drink your milkshake!
Well she can't watch that movie anymore.

'Cause every single night
she's drinkin' or she's cryin' on the floor

Well it's been six months
and he's still fuckin' with her head

I want him dead I want him dead I want him dead
I want him dead I want him dead
Track Name: Country Song
I miss my baby
Every single day
& By the night time the feeling
Still ain't gone away

I've gotta find a job again this
one's running out

I've gotta stop getting drunk so much
I've gotta sleep but not pass out

Oh, Mom and Dad, I don't know where you went wrong
But your boy's grown up to be a
Country song

I had a plan
I had a dream
I had the glow
I had the gleam
Well, the plans they all caught fire
& the dreams they turned to ash
& the Microphones never made as much
Money as Johnny Cash
When I was just a young boy
My Mpmma told me, son,
Always be a kind soul, don't you ever hurt no one,
Well I,
I was doing pretty good!
I was doing just fine!
Then reality caught up & changed my mind

Now I'm

Shit out of luck
Shit out of everything
I need

I need love
I need money
I need whiskey
I need beer
I need
A job that gets me enough to put me in the clear
I need girls
I need sex
I need something to make me less derpressed
I need more money
I need more money
I need more money
So I can buy some weed
& Some dinners
To take girls on dates
So I don't have to masturbate
I don't want to jack off I want to get laid
Take her home to my folks say hey I'm doing great
Track Name: Roll Credits
I'm getting horns
I feel 'em growing
I'm hoping the difference in my midriff
Ain't showing

If it is I'll try my best to just fake it
While I repeat "Hey guys, we're all gonna make it".

I can't be happy
I won't allow it
Something good comes my way
Try my best to disembowel it

It's in my nature makes me run around naked
While I repeat "Hey guys, we're all gonna make it!"

& Everybody wants to get up early
Well I've got problems I've no name for
But I want everything that's in this world
Just so long as it's already paid for

Because money don't come easy
But hey man, at least I do

You need motivation
Need motivation to walk in this world with a grin
My motivation?
I find in the pile of shit I'm in
There's no need to worry
You can't fall far when you're always on the floor
Give me failures give me disappointments
Give me tragedy on tragedy I'll tell you that I want more
I want more
Track Name: People Having Fun (Really)
People Having Fun
People Having Fun
People drink their drinks,
People get too drunk
People in the bathroom
People at the door
"Hey, can I get some more?"
People hating people throwing up

People go to parties
People go to church
People go out dancing
People gotta work
People make decisions
People get 'em wrong
People still play along
People making
People throwing up

People having fun
People having fun
People having fun
People having fun
People hating people throwing up
& People thrown out
Makes people want to die

I think we'll all go to hell
'Cause we drink too much & we don't speak well
We are the rowdiest troupe of rogues that you've ever seen

Watch us sit around and pretend we're smart
While we laugh at other people's art &
Sometimes we're nice, but mostly we're mean

Now all my friendships they just feel so wrong
We're only hanging out here 'cause somebody's gone
& I was unhappily unsurprised to find out it was true

I've been faking sick, I've been losing sleep
& it's nice enough to make a man weep
But I don't weep, how 'bout you?

People having fun
People having fun
People eating food & hugging everyone
People telling stories
People telling lies
People drink their drink &
People dry their eyes
People having fun we're
really having fun
Just watch us jump for joy &
Watch us love your gun
I swear to god you guys we're
Really having fun
That statement goes for everyone

& I am an asshole
For even bringing this up
There's people in this audience
More affected by all of this 'stuff'
But I had to do something
& I'm sorry it's a song
I told you fuckers earlier
There would be something actually wrong
& by the time I'm twenty five
There'll be an overdose, another suicide
But I'm along for the ride
Track Name: People Having Fun (Not Really)
'Cause if I'm not playing shows at a half filled bar
or getting kicked out when I take it too far
I'm going back to school & I'm selling my guitar
Bye, boys, bury me in the backyard
& have fun
Such fun

So who's going in on a bag of bad blow?
Let's do it all before we even hit the show
Don't know about you but that's what I call rock 'n' roll
All the squares in the back all going "No, no, no, no, no, no"
Have fun
Such fun

I hope everyone here dies of natural causes
Or at least cancer or AIDS or the plague or some other disease
A car accident could even work
Just so long as it's nothing that'd ever give others some peace
& now I'm always nervous when I should be at ease
'Cause you never know the next time you're going to be saying "No, please"

& I just wish in the end that there was somebody else to blame
& I just wish he didn't believe that that's what he became
& I was doing my best to leave out all of the names
But it's the names & the faces that keep me from doing the same

I remember David calling me and asking if I heard something weird
I remember calling Leland 'cause I figured that he'd want to hear
I remember asking Jack, "Is what I just heard true?"
He texted back
"Yeah dude."
I remember joking with Noonan & every joke it turned to a riot
I remember Kat walking in, the room got so fucking quiet
I remember Walt wailing, "He was everybody [there's] best friend!"
I remember Pete going "I know" again and again
This'll happen again and again